Local Marketing Workbook
Get more people to know about you, contact you, buy from you and refer their friends and family.

Master online advertising and learn how to get results from Yelp, Facebook, Google and other online efforts.

Are you new to local advertising and marketing and not sure where to start? Or, are you frustrated with your previous efforts? Does it seem like you’ve done everything the experts have told you to do but didn’t see the results?  If this sounds like you, then this workbook is for you.

Your marketing challenges won’t be solved with a new advertisement on Facebook or Yelp, a social media post, a new website or better Google SEO. You will see results only when you consider the entire process customers go through to buy from you and see it from their perspective.

In this workbook, you will learn a different approach to your sales and marketing process. You won’t be tempted to buy an advertisement without first thinking about all the steps it takes to be successful.

This workbook is designed to show you, in less than an hour, how to:

  1. Get more customers to know about you.
  2. Get more customers to contact you.
  3. Get more customers to close.
  4. Get more customers to repeat and refer.

Your answers to more customers and growth is just a click away, download now!

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